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Designers and Developers: the Builders

Shabeer Ahmed, Lecturer, CSE, GWPS has developed many projects in the college for his final year students. He has consistently been adjudged as the best sought-after lecturer in the department by the student community. He has a knack of making complex concepts understandable to a novice. His belief is to produce the market-ready programmers by sharing his expertise and knowledge across the wide spectrum of students for whom he acts as a mentor and a motivator. This project will definitely help his student-base as this endeavor will boost their interest in the development of live projects and help them understand its practicality and implementation in the real world. When Shabeer Ahmed is not writing code for his projects which he picks at his own sweet will and time and is not seen busy with his academic activities, you'll find him lost in the concepts of astrophysics.
Abid Nazir Wani, Demonstrator, CSE has many achievements and talents under his belt. He has qualified GATE exams consistently 3 times in a row. He has a silent disposition and a shy nature which makes him jell well with his senior, Shabeer Ahmed, who himself is a down-to-earth kind of a guy. Abid has a keen interest in computer architecture and healthy appetite for computer programming across varied platforms. He has earned a certification from IIT Mumbai in Colab in Scilab. Besides academics and doing computer projects he is ardent follower of science fiction movies, watching cricket, Kabbadi and UFC. Recently he has fallen for reading crime novels. He is one of the best finds for Computer Engineering Department in particular and Skill Development Department in general.
Suhail Hussain, Lecturer & Incharge, CSE, Govt. Polytechnic for Women Srinagar is associated with Skill Development Department since a long time now. Besides his primary role as an academician, he has played many additional roles which keep ever changing with changing times. One thing that has stayed constantly attached with his persona is change. Sometimes, a TPO, sometimes TVET coordinator, a Hostel Superintendent, CE coordinator, Functional HOD, Nodal Officer PMSSS, etc.., he has been through it all. Professionally, he has played a role of Project Manager in this project so that the end-product is user-friendly and a seamless experience for the users. He has many global certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and Brainbench and academically has earned M. Tech from NIT Srinagar. When he is not busy with the affairs of the department and college, he escapes to the world of reading, writing and watching Netflix. Quite recently he has been selected for AICTE-UKIERI Technical Leadership Development Program for the AY-2020-21.

About ShAbSu: The Background

ShAbSu is an acronym of the names of three individuals who are working as academicians from Computer Engineering Department, Govt. Polytechnic for Women Srinagar (GWPS), namely Shabeer Ahmed, Abid Nazir, and Suhail Hussain and who were selected by Director, Skill Development J&K to build this portal.
To know how this portal came into being, read on...

On 08.09.2020 evening, Shri Mohammad Shafi Bhat, Joint Director, DSD called us up to meet Director, Skill Development J&K in his office. Next morning, the plan was rolled out. The task assigned was to come out with an admission portal for newly setup CIIIT Centers coming up at Govt. Polytechnic College Baramulla and Govt. Polytechnic College Jammu.
This task is a deja vu of 2013 assignment in which Computer Engineering Department, GWPS was asked by the then Principal, GWPS who happens to be now the Joint Director, Skill Development J&K to set up a network (both wireless & wired} for the entire Computer Center CSE, GWPS. The timeline and the expectation were met and the institution turned out to be the first ever institution of J&K to conduct the online exams. Not to mention, same year GWPS was adjudged as the best polytechnic college of North India. In between these eight years computer engineering department has evolved and enriched by the addition of manpower who are adept in the latest and the cutting-edge technologies in the field.

Coding, however, is all together a different realm. It needs a patient man's spirit and high-level of concentration of mind in order to dive deep into the mesh of routines, logic, loops and the endless cycles of testing, debugging and head-scratching before the final product is to be readied for the final release. So two young gentlemen, Shabeer Ahmed and Abid Nazir from Computer Engineering Department, GWPS gifted with the natural flair of building robust algorithms were picked up by Suhail Hussain, who was designated as the Project Manager for the job.

5th Empowered Committee of Technical Education, J&K, held a meeting on 10.06.2004 at the Srinagar office, in which it was decided that the college resources, both manpower or material, can be utilized for the generation of revenue which will help the institute to maintain its institutional development fund (IDF) account which can be utilized for the development of that Institute. In this meeting it was decided that human resources and facilities of an institute can be utilized for various activities namely, Testing, Consultancy, Continuing Education Programs, Production Center Activities, and hiring out infrastructure and services so that the end-beneficiary turns out to be both the college and the manpower involved in each activity. This will thereby help develop both the institution and the human resources. Under this backdrop, this project was taken up by Suhail Hussain, Lecturer & Incharge, Computer Engineering Department, GWPS to develop an Admission Portal for CIIIT Baramulla and Jammu (ref: Order No. 291 of 2020, dated: 08.09.2020).

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